• Tip your king over, Tata Steel

    For many years, residents have been complaining about the pollution caused by Tata Steel. A group of concerned parents from the Kennemerland region have founded the Frisse Wind Nu. An environmental foundation that wants a healthy and safe environment to live, work, and recreate. Tata Steel, it is time for you to take accountability for your environmental damages and immediately stop the pollution affecting your vicinity’s residents. It’s time for you to do more than a chess tournament for your community.
  • Life full of wonder

    When we feel closer and more connected to nature, we somehow feel at the same time closer and more connected to ourselves. And it might just be because, as Maia Walczak says, ‘we are nature’.
  • It’s never too late to follow a dream

    On July 1954, at the age of forty-one, Betty Pembroke Heldreich Windstedt fell in love with surfing and became a surfing pioneer being one of the first women to ride the big surf of Makaha (Hawaii). Betty was a true adventurer living life with passion and approaching any obstacle with courage and a positive attitude. 
  • Protect the Brown Bank

    The cold, dark and overfished waters of the North Sea are hiding marvellous treasures below its waves. These treasures lying in the sea-bottom have nothing to do with lost gold from an old shipwreck, but with worms. Yes, worms called ross worms that build tubes and form reefs because not only coral builds up reefs. 
  • La Maestra

    Pilar Ezkurra has been connected to the ocean for as long as she can remember. Since she was a baby, she spent her summer days at La Salvaje beach (Sopelana). In the late 70s, when she was 10 years old, surfing was starting in the area and she wanted to try it out even though there were still not many resources. 
  • Feeling at home anywhere in the Seven Seas

    Dominga Valdés carries a mixture of cultures in her blood. Spending her childhood in countries like Spain, Chile, The Netherlands or Bali, it’s no surprise that surfing different waters is where she feels more at home.
  • Scenes of endless fun in paradise

    When you surf the waters of the North Sea most of the time, you’re surfing under rough conditions with strong wind and cold water while daydreaming about sunny days and warmer temperatures. Bringing this vision to reality, Donald van Os, a Dutch surfer, lifeguard, swimming teacher and artist, started creating scales of little exotic paradises any surfer dreams of.
  • Riding waves together since the beginning of time

    Surfing is a game as old as the people of the Hawaii Islands. A community amusement enjoyed by men, women and children of all social classes who would share waves and play together in the water. The oldest known surfboard was found in a burial cave in Ho’okena on the Big Island of Hawaii. It dates back to the 1600s and it belonged to princess Kaneamuna.
  • Protect your skin from ultraviole(n)t rays

    With the warm weather we tend to enjoy our time staying outdoors longer, but those beloved ultraviolet wavelengths of light (UVA and UVB) travelling through space and coming directly to us are quite harmful. 
  • The Hawaiian beat

    One of the first images I see in my mind when I think about Hawaiian music is a ukulele. However, string instruments only came to the islands in the nineteenth century. Before the arrival of people from different cultures, Hawaiians used percussion instruments to keep the rhythm to the chants and dance.
  • Easkey Britton, making waves for social change

    Big wave cold water surfer, scientist, researcher, inspirational keynote speaker, impact maker… Easkey Britton is all this but, above all, she’s a wonderful woman with a fearless soul. Being named after one of Ireland’s most popular waves, it’s not a surprise that the water is where she feels more at home.
  • Rell Sunn, Queen of Aloha

    Her middle name, Kapolioka’ehukai, means Heart of Sea. Her grandmother gave it to her after a dream she had before Rell was born. It was destiny written on the stars.