Alai [əˈlaɪ] means happy, cheerful in Basque.

Carlota Jáuregui

Water dancer and 3-time Spanish longboard champion.

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No more flat days

Alaia Surf Wax

Homemade surf wax with natural ingredients and lots of love.

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Night Surf

Signed fine art print by Maia Walczak.

A mixture of a hand-drawn original sketch, painting, collage, and digital art were used to create the original piece.

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Life full of wonder

Paddling out in the water, swimming in a lake, going for a walk in the woods, staring at a mountain, or just lying on the grass. When we feel closer to nature, we somehow feel more connected to ourselves. And it might just be because, as Maia Walczak says, ‘we are nature’.

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