• Tip your king over, Tata Steel

    For many years, residents have been complaining about the pollution caused by Tata Steel. A group of concerned parents from the Kennemerland region have founded the Frisse Wind Nu. An environmental foundation that wants a healthy and safe environment to live, work, and recreate. Tata Steel, it is time for you to take accountability for your environmental damages and immediately stop the pollution affecting your vicinity’s residents. It’s time for you to do more than a chess tournament for your community.
  • Protect the Brown Bank

    The cold, dark and overfished waters of the North Sea are hiding marvellous treasures below its waves. These treasures lying in the sea-bottom have nothing to do with lost gold from an old shipwreck, but with worms. Yes, worms called ross worms that build tubes and form reefs because not only coral builds up reefs. 
  • Protect your skin from ultraviole(n)t rays

    With the warm weather we tend to enjoy our time staying outdoors longer, but those beloved ultraviolet wavelengths of light (UVA and UVB) travelling through space and coming directly to us are quite harmful. 
  • Few fish in the sea

    Once we thought that the ocean was a limitless source of food. Only to realise, that the ocean’s supply couldn’t keep up with our insatiable demand and that we’ve been pushing many fish populations to the point of collapse.
  • Get to know your dirty fabrics

    The fashion industry is a massive consumer and polluter of the world’s water. It’s a thirsty industry and its production has a major impact on the global water through the use of pesticides for growing fibre crops, the discharge of wastewater from dyeing and our laundry habits at home.
  • Her life aquatic

    It all started when she was 12. Sylvia Earle fell in love with the ocean. A legendary marine biologist and inspirational explorer who relentlessly dedicates her life to research the ocean and raise awareness of the threats of pollution and overfishing to the ocean ecosystems.
  • Dump your trashy lifestyle

    Consumerism has created a throwaway culture that is poisoning our planet. Plastics and disposable items have flooded our daily lives and the trash that we throw away doesn’t just disappear. It ends up somewhere.